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    _, 23/05/2021
    satisfying. an ofcourse the admin is quite helpful.

    Abu_Reza, 20/05/2021
    Transacted for first time but I am impressed. They have kept their words. Their services is too good and processing time also low as well. Recommended.

    Saad_Khan, 19/05/2021
    Very good site ar vaiya ta onk vlo and helpful

    shanjida_alam, 18/05/2021
    good 5 minit a doller paise but per doller 93 rhake cash send bat dawya ocit

    Nayan, 16/05/2021
    khub khusi

    Jaheda_Begum, 16/05/2021
    First delivery.. Thanks

    Snake_Eyes, 12/05/2021
    যতই লেনদেন করছি ততই মুগ্ধ হয়ে যাচ্ছি !

    Shaon_Halim, 09/05/2021
    Very good

    Jagodish_Bairagi, 07/05/2021
    I have done a lot of transactions and they are always great. আমি প্রচুর লেনদেন করেছি এবং তারা সর্বদা দুর্দান্ত।

    Jahidul_Alam, 03/05/2021
    Onek valo akta exchange website but fee ta aktu beshi tobuo valo,, fee ta aktu komate parle valo hoto,,, thanks again www.ipsewallet.com