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    Mubasshir, 02/01/2021
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    linia_uddin, 02/01/2021
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    Mubasshir, 27/12/2020
    Thanks to Admin. Very fast&trusted service. Everyone can Buy/Sell your dollar from ipsewallet without doubt.

    Fahim, 27/12/2020
    Very Fast Services Very Nice

    Tusar_Sikder, 25/12/2020
    Onek Bar nichi, Faster Delivery, Valo Lage

    prodip_biswas, 25/12/2020
    Very nice site 1 minute a payment pailam. tnx

    FORHADUR_RAHMAN, 25/12/2020
    This is the best dollar exchange site..Super fast service..All credits goes to ipsewallet admin..

    Bisme_Ahmed, 22/12/2020
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    Mubasshir, 22/12/2020
    Very trusted&user friendly admin. I get my payment so fast. Thanks to Admin Vaiya. I personally recommend to all to buy/sell your dollar from ipsewallet. In a word,just Love it ♥

    MD_Salman, 22/12/2020
    Veery Fast Exchange Site in BD